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Been playing a lil’ game called SOMA, and I want to talk to you people about one of the most pants-crapping moments I have ever experienced in a video game. If you think you might want to play this and hate even minor spoilers, do not continue reading.


Freaking TERRY AKERS. Okay, so he’s like. The first monster you meet that you actually have kind of an idea of who he used to be before the WAU turned him into a walking wheezing smoker’s lung. And THE GAME SETS YOU UP FOR AN AMBUSH RIGHT AT THE START OF HIS STUPID LEVEL.

Why am I following suspicious bloodstains into an abandoned medbay at the bottom of the ocean? Because I’m a moron. Fortunately this is clearly where I’m SUPPOSED to be, look, there’s a little recording deal on the cart here. If I listen to it, I can find out more of the story!

OR, alternatively, I can hear the doctor describing some symptoms for a little bit, and then realize that there is something coming up behind me to trap me in this little dead-end room :’D I run to the corner over there, naturally, and that thing comes into view, stares at the recorder, and when it’s done playing wobbles and chokes his way out of sight.

He’s blind. He’s freaking blind, and he listens for me making any noise.

Okay I think, not a big deal, just gotta move nice and quiet from now on. It’s really not all that different from the motion-sensitive guys I had to get around earlier, right? I wait until he’s in view, then stop moving so he can’t hear me, and keep going.

Or it would be, except the room I need to get into is locked, and it has a slightly busted window. I have to break a window. And Terry’s going to be all over me like lice on a second grader the instant I hit that glass.

But surprisingly enough, it goes pretty well. It takes two hits to get through, and Terry stands there screaming at the door he got locked out of all that time ago like an asthmatic cockatoo once he hears the noise, but eventually I manage to get in and get the security chip I need. Maybe I was right at first. Maybe Terry isn’t that big of a– CRUNCH.

I step on trash in the hallway. I think I move far enough away, I sidle over to the wall and crouch down, but Terry’s coming. And he comes right up behind me.

And he screams at my back for at least a full minute.

That’s right. A minute of me sitting there not daring to move, staring at the wall while my visuals go haywire just in case I DIDN’T notice that there’s a biomechanical (?) abomination waiting to rip my spinal column out and beat me with it standing mere inches away from my back. The worst of it is the longer he goes, the less he sounds like a 200 pound macaw that got punched in the throat and the more he sounds like an old man trying to drag more oxygen from the air than he can get.

With no signs of him letting up, I slowly start to turn to see if he’s actually still there. Maybe it’s a bug in the game.

And he knocks me out.

The fun keeps going after that. I limp and drag my way to where I KNOW there’s a heal point. You know, in the back of a room with one door. Turns out that when you use those, they actually make noise. Yep. So I wind up losing that health I got from using it immediately after to the ever vigilant tumor-man and his ridiculous hearing.

Then of course the lights go out, and I have to reformat the chip on a computer that, guess what, makes noise. Terry actually comes into the room I’m hiding in at one point after I step on trash *out in the hall*; I swear he’s getting sharper and keener in his hearing with every progressing second. In the end I manage to make it to the elevator and get the chip in, but it’s only by pausing every time I do ANYTHING, because everything makes noise and Terry is ALWAYS LISTENING. And even then I still die once when the elevator I fixed makes its noises, and he runs right through the doors that are NOT closing as fast as I’d like them too.

Those guys at Frictional Games really know how to set up their scares to get the very most out of them. Which is funny, because that's not even the main thing that makes me love this game so much.


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You can call me Buggy. I'm primarily a writer, but I have a degree in biology and also enjoy drawing, origami, and stuff.

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"it's possible for a soul to be removed and then re-attached to a living body. As to a dead one, nobody wants to talk about it. Even the spirifer blanches and heads away when you mention it. "

this was in fallen london
and all i thought of was what might happen if a dead winnipeg got his soul back.
TheBuggiest Featured By Owner May 8, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
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